Shelle Macpherson and Jerry Fielden 2015 SOCAN

Trespasser stalking victims in the night
A shadow untamed til the morning light
Waiting for an opening to strike
It's a feeling that only he can like
An open door is an invitation to his need
A smashed-up window lets him in to feed

Awakened by a maiden's slumber
His evil mind a darkened point of view
Harkening to primitive desires
In his loins burns the raging fires

A cry and a scuffle desperate to live
Another victim lost to anger and rage
A series of deadly hits are making news tonight
Running wild no afterthoughts just horror and spite
With total abandon in feral thoughts he thrives
All ruthless bloodlust and evil are his drives


Something will go wrong at the rate he's going on
His animal instincts will get the best of him
One day she will fight and the trespasser will die
It won't be a big loss to see him meet his fate
Retribution for his acts, in a pool of blood he'll lie
With a maiden's baseball bat he had a gory date :)