Tearing The Mist

Jerry Fielden 2013 SOCAN


Bastion of fortitude

All about the attitude

Streaks of golden hue

Burning strong for you


Tearing the mist off your eyes


Living life to the full

Grabbing some shares

Seems  like the strongest pull

Of challenges and dares

Labour of love means to an end

Vortex of life

Messages in a mind to send

Slices from the knife


Ripping pieces of a rag

Share them with lust

Shadows in a dirty mag

It all falls to dust

Raining drops of sanity

Comprehension dawns

Laughing at your levity

But you're only pawns

Tearing the mist off your eyes

In attractive fiery gold
Lost in opulence
Crazed return within the fold
Inhuman reverence
Insane red and ocher tints
Degeneration cries
Conditional demeaning hints
Can you stand those lies?