System Deceive
Jerry Fielden 2015 SOCAN

Marching on ice is the game of the day
Putting on airs in a really bad way
Hitting silex stones and making sparks fly
Watching tinder smoke and it's not even dry
Feeling alone so you're king of the void
You had your times but now they're destroyed

System deceive as you're down to the wire
System deceive and now you play with fire

Never had you dreamt of living such strife
Meeting with ghosts in the past of your life
Bewitching power of a coven of one
Dying warlock's spell is not so much fun
Poisoning your life to your very last breath
Drinking bitter potions an illusion of death





Hit the deck running and raising the bar
Riches aplenty and travelling far
Never helping one but only yourself
Putting friends and allies on a bottomless shelf
Wishing for lost youth is the name of the game
Have you attained what you thought would be fame?