Streets of Anger
2015 Jerry Fielden SOCAN

Taking control of all the riches
Who owns who? say the players with wealth
They should know they have it all
That they obtained with stealth
Return the favour say the masses
They've waited long for the trickle-down
The famous cake without the bread
And yes we know it's all been said

Spiral staircase up and around
Taking me downtown
Flirt with power the streets of anger
News are getting stranger, danger, danger!

Thousands killed in one fell swoop
Terror of our times inmates run the coop
Words and pens bring swords and guns
Indoctrination causes carnage runs
Symbols feared, countries enslaved
Violence to make the rest of us saved
Ghostly gods cause havoc and pain
The entire world gone insane?



Cowards hide behind commandments
Justifying acts of horror and gore
Who gave them power to control all
Behind barbed wire and followers
Day will come when they will fall
Veil of lies torn, and an act of war
Hope, sharing and unbelieving
Make the human race so worth saving