Jerry Fielden 2015 SOCAN

Whisper female:
I feel your presence on a distant ship my Theseus
You are coming forward to save your realm from evil

Clean female:
What lies below is the bullheaded monster
He awaits to feed on your vital blood
Will I help you with this quest or shall I shut the door?

Clean Male:
What mystery awaits me, will I save my people?
I am ready to face the horrors to come.

Growl male:
I'm the bull of Minos
And will crush you fool
Enter at your peril

Clean Female:
I have a plan for you my hero to stay alive
I will provide you with a magic thread
To let you escape once you've killed the beast

Clean Male:
I'm in the labyrinth and ready for you now
Come out here Minotaur I will take your head off

CM: If you get the chance
CM: You won't get the chance

Clean Female:
Pray to Ares that Theseus wins the battle below
I am hopeful that he will and we shall leave together
He can save his people and we will set sail tomorrow
My dream will come true if only he comes out the better

Clean Male:
Victory's mine
Thank you Ariadne
Meet me at daybreak
Your love I will take

Clean Female:
I will be yours
In this glorious morning
But where have you gone
Your ship is not here?
Your ship is not here?
Your ship is not here?

Male whisper:
Mind the black sail Theseus
Don't forget
.. but you will in your distress, won't you?

Clean Female:
My sister Phaedra can you see his sail?
Why did he abandon me when I love him so?
Will I see him again or is our love doomed?

Clean Male:
O Athena why did you take me away from her?