Jerry Fielden and Shelle Macpherson SOCAN 2017

Visceral demise
Endless grey procession
Innocence cries blackness
That wells within your screams
Destiny in stone
By ancient hands was written
When did this all become addiction
Chaos and confusion

Chained eternally
In the iron tomb
Screaming for release
Silent untold rage
Chained eternally
In the iron tomb
Screaming for release
Will this nightmare ever cease?

Twisted delusions, blackened visions
Need to escape from this one-man prison
Fearing the demons will never flee
You are the only one with the key
Leading you to the dark side
Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide
Bring your soul to its final rest
The untimely death bell tolls in Hell



Carrying your coffin through the darkened path
The sky is threatening, the rain falls hard
Advancing slowly through the shards of death
Remnants of what was and that could not be
The lure of defeat brings you in the ground
In a place where no light can go
Leaving you in a solitary mound
A life without purpose that you threw away